In Memoriam

Charles "Charlie" M. Price  (1913 - 2010)
Devoted Husband, Father and Friend.

A Special and Rare Recording...

Listen to a tape recorded phone conversation between contractor, Charlie Price and orchestra leader and lifelong friend, David Rose...
Here is a rare moment with the two professionals as they plan a music segment for a popular show.  Always a lover of gadgets, Charlie put his new "Sony Recorder" to good use by tapping the phone call!

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In memory of my Dad...

By Debra L. Price

For those who knew my dad "Charlie", he was a most unforgettable character.  He passed away on November 2nd and was in good spirits until his final moments. He was 96, just 13 days before what would have been his 97th birthday. Charlie leaves with us a trove of wonderful memories and stories about the entertainment industry.  He will always occupy a very special place in my heart.

At seven his parents bought him a set of drums and at eight he was playing in a 75-piece municipal band in his native town Topeka, Kansas. At 17 he joined the Ted Fiorito orchestra and for the next 11 years he played at the top hotel and supper clubs, stage, motion pictures and radio programs throughout the country. That was just the start of his career and on November 15, 1942 he reported for duty at his Navy station and continued his career in the USMS Band.

A self-styled artist whose adroitness with everything from jazz cymbals to kettle drums, xylophones to bird whistles gave his early listeners a preview of what he would consistently bring to appreciative audiences. 

Drummer Price played with Ted Fiorito from 1931 until 1938. Deciding to work only in Los Angeles, Charles went into radio and proceeded to play under the batons of David Rose, Raymond Paige, Meredith Wilson, Harry Sosnik, and Rudy Vallee among others.

Charlie then became the full time orchestra manager and contractor for David Rose and put together first-call orchestras for David's weekly shows.  The Red Skelton Show, Bonanza, High Chaparral, Little House on the Prairie, Highway To Heaven are among only a few of the shows that gave many musicians their start in the music business.

It was in the studios that Charlie met and married his love and long time partner in life, Eunice Wennermark, a successful and accomplished violinist in her own right.

He had a long and illustrious life; as a life time member of Local #47, Charlie leaves a great music legacy for those who follow.

Dad will be missed by all.


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