Career Highlights - Eunice Wennermark


Eunice Wennermark
Concert Violinist


Eunice Wennermark  first achieved public notice by winning first place in her native state of Colorado in the National Federation of Music Clubs contest for violinists.

Ever since coming to Southern California she has been recognized as one of its most successful and active artists in its long list of splendid violinists.

She has studied with such teachers as Leah Seykora, Francis Schwinger, David Eisenberg, Joseph Achron, Vera Barstow and coached with Louis Persinger.

She possesses a charming personality and is a brilliant and fascinating performer.


Additional Career Accomplishments...

* Concert work throughout the United States.

* Toured in concert as assisting artist with John Charles Thomas.

* Soloist at the Hollywood Bowl.

* Soloist at the Redlands Bowl.

* Soloist at Ramona Bowl.

* Soloist with Major symphony orchestras including the Denver Symphony  Orchestra, the
   Pueblo Symphony Orchestra, the Bach Festival Orchestra (Carmel), and the Inglewood
   Symphony Orchestra.

* Violinist-Director of The Wennermark Violin Choir.

* Winner of several first place awards in National Federation of Music Club contests.

* Presented in concert on California Artist Series.

* Soloist leading Women's and Men's Clubs, Music Clubs and various other Organizations.

* Important Recitals include programs at Occidental College, Royce Hall (U.C.L.A.),  
   Hollywood Memorial Auditorium, and Wilshire Ebell Theatre.


Professional Credits


Symphonic Work

* Concertmisrress, and many times soloist, with the Los Angeles Orchestra under
   Gastone Usigli, and Modest Altschuler, and other guest conductors including Nicolai
   Sokoloff, Arnold Schoenberg, Albert Coates, Richard Lert, Victor Young, Jacques  
   Samoussoud, etc.

* Concertmistress and soloist of the Inglewood Symphony under Ernst Gebert. * Ojai Music  
   Festival Concerts under Thor Johnson.

* Pasadena "Pops" Concerts under David Rose.


Radio and Television

* Musical Director of Radio Station KMPC.

* Violinist-Director of The Symphonettes (all string radio ensemble). * Concertmistress of 
   KFI-KECA staff orchestra.

* Many radio programs include: John Charles Thomas (Westinghouse) 3Y2 years, David
   Rose, "Holiday for Music," Bell Telephone Hour, Ford Sunday Evening Hour, Red Skelton
   Program, Eddie Bracken Program, Victor Borge Program, Tony Martin Program under
   Victor Young, William Gargan "I Deal in Crime," Herbert Marshall "Man Called X,"
   "Request Performance," James Melton "Harvest of Stars," Nash-Kelvinator Show, Danny
   Thomas Program, Texaco Star Theatre and The Gordon MacRae Show.

* Director and soloist of Television program called, "Violin Echoes."

* Featured soloist on N.B.C.'s Johnny Dugan "Ladies Choice," Television Show,

* Red Skelton Television Show.

Motion Pictures and Records

* "Fantasia" (Walt Disney Movie)

* Motion Picture recording for Major Studios including Warner Bros., RKO, Paramount, 
   Columbia, Republic, Universal, Fox, International, Goldwyn, General Service, Walt Disney,
   PRC, Eagle Lion, ete.

* Under contract to MGM Studios in Recording Orchestra for three years.

* Recordings for Decca, RCA Victor, MGM Company, Capitol Records and World
   Transcription Company.

Television Soundtracks

* 13 Years "Bonanza"

* 5 Years "High Chaparral"

* 8 years "Little House on the Praire"

* 2 Years "Father Murphy"


Commentary from 'the Press' ...

* * *

"Delivered a brilliant exposition of the Saint Saens Rondo Capriccioso. A lovely and appealing tone was backed by virtuoso technical facility; her intervals were clearly cut and her intonation true and satisfying throughout." Richard Drake Sanders in Hollywood Citizen-News (L.A. Orchestra concert at Royce Hall, U.C.L.A.)

"Played with lovely tone and well developed technique." Musical America (Soloist, Tschaikowsky D Major concerto, Denver Symphony Orchestra).

"This violinist seems to have everything with personality and good looks thrown in. Astonishing performance 
of the 'Devil's Trill' by Tartini." Hal Garroll in the Monterey Herald (Bach Festival, Carmel, Calif.).

"One of the most accomplished young violinists heard here in many a day." Glendale News-Press

"Eunice Wennermark lived up to her already established reputation for outstanding violin playing. Pacific Coast Musician.

"Miss Wennermark, lovely violinist, revealed an admirable command of the technically formidable Tschaikowsky. Her tone has a singing quality of rare sweetness; her playing showed distinctive talent backed by a genuinely musical personality." Rocky Mountain News (Soloist with Denver Symphony).

"Eunice Wennermark thrilled her audience with her finished performance. Her handling of her violin was masterful at all times, and she was equally adept with deep, resonant tones and light, airy touch. Pueblo Star-Journal (Soloist with Pueblo Symphony) .

"Eunice Wennermark, talented violinist, is truly a radio find." Los Angeles Times.

"Miss Wenncrmark is to be congratulated on her feeling for distinctive style. She showed her excellent training in all numbers, the old Desplanes number with broad, sonorous tone, the Tartini variations with brilliant incisiveness, and the charming 'Nocturne' with sympathetic pastel shading." Pasadena Star News.

"A record attendance was on hand to hear one of the finest young violinists we've heard. Miss Wennermark chose a beautiful program and proved her versatility by her rendition of some very difficult numbers." Santa Monica Evening Outlook.

"Guest soloist was Eunice Wennermark, noted young concert violinist. Of her performance too high praise can hardly be expressed. Miss Wennermark's sure' technique and subtle understanding of mood were truly notable, and her charming appearance added additional luster." The Los Angeles Mercury.



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